Course: Algebra, Functions, & Data Analysis

Prerequisites: Algebra I or Algebra I Part II and Geometry

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed the standards for Algebra I. Within the context of mathematical modeling and data analysis, students will study functions and their behaviors, systems of inequalities, probability, experimental design and implementation, and analysis of data. Data will be generated by practical applications arising from science, business, and finance. Students will solve problems that require the formulation of linear, quadratic, exponential, or logarithmic equations or a system of equations.

These standards include a transformational approach to graphing functions and writing equations when given the graph of the equation. Transformational graphing builds a strong connection between algebraic and graphic representations of functions.

The infusion of technology (graphing calculator and/or computer software) in this course will assist in modeling and investigating functions and data analysis.

Materials, fees, and equipment required: Each student should bring a three-ring notebook with paper and a pencil every day.  Calculators and other ancillary materials will be provided.

Make-up work: Students are responsible for making up all missed assignments due to an excused absence only.  No makeup work will be accepted after the test on a particular topic, unless prior arrangements have been made.  See me immediately upon return to school.

 Attendance Policy:  My attendance policy will reflect the standards set by Caroline County Public Schools.